30 Days Left To Get 50,000 Miles for $89

30 days left to get 50,000 miles for $89 dollars.

Barclays US Airways card
Barclays US Airways card

It’s not that often that credit card companies are willing to shower you with miles for next to nothing, but that is exactly what is currently happening with the Barclays US Airways credit card. The sign up bonus is 50,000 US Airways Dividend miles after first purchase and paying the annual fee of $89. So for $89 and a $0.50 Amazon gift certificate to yourself, you can top up your Dividend miles balance by a cool 50,000 miles.



Normally this is a pretty sweet offer, but in this case it is made even sweeter by the fact that sometime in the near future these miles will become AAdvantage miles, which I am a big fan of redeeming for business or first class travel on Cathay Pacific. In fact, the bonus is enough for a one-way business class ticket between the US and Japan! In case you were wondering, business class tickets to Japan are usually more than $89.

Other Sweet Uses of Dividend Miles

I signed up for this card a few months ago, bought a pack of gum, and received my 50,000 Dividend miles. The reason I got this card was for an upcoming trip I have to Japan and Hong Kong. One of the sweet spots in the Dividend miles chart is round trip business class tickets between Hong Kong and Japan for 30,000 miles. Even better, unlike American Airlines Aadvantage awards, US Airways allows a stopover on a round-trip itinerary.

Cathay Business Class
Cathay Business Class

So the 50,000 bonus, plus 10,000 additional miles (transferred in from my SPG account) was enough to get two round trip business class tickets between Hong Kong and Tokyo, with a stopover in Hokkaido, Japan. We will be flying on one of my favorite airlines, Cathay Pacific, and for the first time we will get to fly on the upper deck of a 747. Not too shabby for $89.

Unconfirmed reports from flyer talk seem to think that the party ends on March 30th, 2015. So strike now while you still can and start planning your next adventure!

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