Delta To Begin Allowing Award Redemptions on Singapore Airlines (April Fools!)

*Disclaimer* This is an April Fools’ post, meaning it is not to be taken seriously, except for the part about paying for Delta awards with cookies…

Delta Airlines made a surprising announcement earlier today that is great news for all of us in the miles and points community. Starting on April 1st, 2015 they will begin allowing partner award redemptions for awards on Singapore Airlines. Despite a history of not allowing award redemptions for first class travel, Delta will curiously only allow redemptions in Singapore Suites; no coach, no business class; it’s suites or bust.

An surprisingly good turnout for a Delta Airlines press conference.
A surprisingly good turnout for a Delta Airlines press conference.

Delta loyalty program director, Hugh Jorgan, broke the news at a press conference in rural Antartica today saying “This is a bold move for Delta and I think people will be pleased with the results. We’ve built our loyalty program on the principle that you can charge more for less and continually diminish peoples’ expectations as to what they can expect for their loyalty. But that all changes today.”

“That award will cost you one million cookies!”

For the full rundown on both the addition of Singapore Airlines as a Delta award redemption partner and Delta’s plans to revitalize their Sky Pesos awards program you can check out the full article here.