Amex Credit Card Application Status And Reconsideration Line

How To Check Your American Express Application Status Online

Amex wants to spend additional time getting to know my application.

If you’ve been playing the credit card game for any length of time being instantly approved for a new credit card application is likely just a distant memory. Instead, “application pending” messages and reconsideration calls are now par for the course.

So as part of my ongoing effort to make myself useful I will provide you with all the tools that you need to turn that “thank you for your application” into a “You’ve been approved!” with the least amount of crying and pulling your hair out.

Amex Application Status checker.

American Express makes things pretty straightforward, at least when it comes to checking your application status, and you can head to the American Express Application Status page to check on the fate of your recent credit card applications. They update the status every 24 hours, so keep pressing that “check application” button until you get an answer.

How To Check Your Application Status By Phone

If you prefer to handle these things the “old school” way, you can call their automated application status line at 1-866-314-0237 and enter your SSN and zip code to have a robotic female voice read your application status to you.

When The Computer Says “No” (Calling The Amex Reconsideration Line)

Even though though approving your application is clearly the smart move for American Express, sometimes their computers (or credit analysts) fail to recognize this. It’s times like these that knowing the credit reconsideration number really comes in handy. Call 1-800-567-1083 to give them a second chance to consider your application.

You can call the reconsideration line even if you haven’t received a decision on your application yet. If American Express is unwilling to extend you additional credit, your application may ultimately be approved through moving some of your existing credit lines around or closing one of your current accounts, but you will need to speak with a representative in order to do this.

Persistence pays off once again.

Good luck with your applications and happy hacking!

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