The Coral Executive Lounge DMK Bangkok, Thailand

The Coral Executive Lounge Bangkok, Thailand. Don Muang International Airport (DMK).

The Coral Executive Lounge DMK.

What I liked about this lounge:

  • 15 minute free massage
  • Hot and cold food options
  • A few special/unique food and drink options
  • Ample seating
  • Attentive staff
  • Clean and quiet
  • Well designed and decorated

The Coral Executive Lounge DMK entrance.

It’s truly a lovely surprise when you find a nice lounge in an airport that you wouldn’t expect it. Don Muang international used to be the only game in town for Bangkok before they opened the massive Suvarnabhumi airport. My memories of first arriving there some 14 years ago were of a dimly lit, grubby, disorganized and hot airport where you were more likely to go to and from your flight by bus rather than jet bridge.

Ample seating.

All of that has changed and while Suvarnabhumi is certainly a bigger, more beautiful airport with more and better lounge options, Don Muang now has a nice place to relax before your flight. The Coral Executive Lounge is located in Terminal 2 of Don Muang International Airport in the corridor close to gate 51. To get there just hang a right after passing through security and continue towards gates 51-58 and you will see it on your right. I used one of my many Priority Pass Select cards (I have a problem) to access the lounge.

The Coral Executive Lounge DMK seating.

One of the recent trends that I have personally enjoyed the most is lounges offering complimentary massages. The Coral Executive Lounge provides a 15-minute head and shoulder massage free of charge and while I wasn’t able to enjoy this option on this visit, I will make it a priority for my next visit to see how it stacks up against JAL’s and Etihad’s massage offerings.

Coral Executive Lounge DMK
The Coral Executive Lounge DMK more seating.
Coral Executive Lounge DMK
Those are not real candles…

The hot and cold food options were pretty decent here and were nicely laid out. I tend to gravitate towards full meals, so I decided upon the Tom Kha Gai (Thai Chicken Coconut soup) and something else that resembled American Chinese food.

Coral Executive Lounge DMK
The Coral Executive Lounge DMK cold food options.

The salads and vegetables were surprisingly fresh and attractively displayed.

Coral Executive Lounge DMK
Nice, fresh salad greens and vegetables.
Coral Executive Lounge DMK
The Coral Executive Lounge DMK food options.
Coral Executive Lounge DMK
Coffee, juice and all the usual Saran-wrapped baked goods.
Coral Executive Lounge DMK
Chocolates? Yes, please!

A few unique food and drink options like the Mango Passion Layer cake and the Butterfly Pea Drink help to give the lounge a little sense of individuality.

Coral Executive Lounge DMK
The “Butterfly Pea Flower Drink” was a nice touch.
Coral Executive Lounge DMK
All the Fanta that you ever wanted…and then some.
Coral Executive Lounge DMK
The Tom Kha Gai (chicken coconut soup) was actually pretty good.
Coral Executive Lounge DMK
At least it was free…
Coral Executive Lounge DMK
The “Butterfly Pea” drink was “pea-tastic”.

The lounge really did have ample seating for the number of passengers it was hosting. I’m not sure if it’s just that it was a slow time of the day or if there just aren’t many visitors to this lounge, but it ended up providing a nice feeling of privacy and exclusivity, which isn’t always the case with independent lounges.

Coral Executive Lounge DMK
Is it just me or has lounge artwork been getting better over the years?
Coral Executive Lounge DMK
I felt that the small touches made a big difference and helped this lounge feel more unique.

It was a really pleasant surprise to find a really solid lounge option at the Don Muang International Airport and I enjoyed my brief stay there. The Coral Executive Lounge was clean, well designed and quiet with decent hot and cold food and drink options. Best of all, they offer a free 15-minute shoulder and head massage to their visitors! I would definitely head back anytime and think it is a great option for Priority Pass Select cardholders departing from Bangkok.

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