On A Plane: Etihad Business Class Review

Etihad Business Class Seat

Etihad Flight 403 Business Class Review

Flight du jour:

EY 403

Bangkok (BKK) to Abu Dhabi (AUH)

December 1st, 2015

Departs: 8:35 AM

Arrives: 11:59 AM

Duration: 6 Hours 24 Minutes

Etihad LiveryThe Etihad flight du jour.

The time had come for another adventure and this one was off to a good start with our Etihad Chaffeur picking us up in an black Mercedes Benz and whisking us off to the airport (Etihad discontinued their Chaffeur service for partner award tickets on August 10th, 2016). We booked the tickets pre-devaluation using 30,000 American Airlines Aadvantage miles each way (the new award price between Asia 2 and the Middle East is 40,000 AA miles) and $91.40 in taxes and fees total for the outbound and return segments.

Etihad Business Class Seat

My first thought upon entering the cabin was that it looked like someone had stolen the upholstery from my parents couch and sold it to Etihad.  Airlines tend to put a lot of thought into their premium cabins but the striped seats looked like everything about the 1980’s that we don’t want to remember. Maybe they were trying to replicate the fake wood grain on the adjacent side tables, or maybe stripes were super hot when they put in the order for these seats, but whatever the case may have been they weren’t looking so hot now.

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How to Check Your Chase Credit Card Application Status

How To Check Your Chase Credit Card Application Status 

Chase Application Status
Chase Is Looking Forward To Serving Me…

If you’ve been playing the credit card game for any length of time being instantly approved for a new credit card application is likely just a distant memory. Instead, “application pending” messages and reconsideration calls are now par for the course.

So as part of my ongoing effort to make myself useful I will provide you with all the tools that you need to turn that “thank you for your application” into a “You’ve been approved!” with the least amount of crying and pulling your hair out.

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Hack The Planet! All The Airport WiFi Passwords

Hack The Planet! All The Airport WiFi Passwords

All the airport WiFi passwords
All the airport WiFi passwords

Traveling can be tough and it is my personal goal to make your travel a little bit easier. To that end, I am introducing a semi-regular series called “Hack The Planet!” where I share my favorite practical travel hacks that are useful no matter what cabin you are traveling in.

We’ll start things off with a really useful hack for anyone who finds themselves waiting in an airport without free wifi and doesn’t have access to a lounge. As much fun as it would be to strike up a conversation with your nearest no-wifi neighbor, wouldn’t it be even better to connect to the wifi and then share the password with them too?

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