Hack The Planet! All The Airport WiFi Passwords

Hack The Planet! All The Airport WiFi Passwords

All the airport WiFi passwords
All the airport WiFi passwords

Traveling can be tough and it is my personal goal to make your travel a little bit easier. To that end, I am introducing a semi-regular series called “Hack The Planet!” where I share my favorite practical travel hacks that are useful no matter what cabin you are traveling in.

We’ll start things off with a really useful hack for anyone who finds themselves waiting in an airport without free wifi and doesn’t have access to a lounge. As much fun as it would be to strike up a conversation with your nearest no-wifi neighbor, wouldn’t it be even better to connect to the wifi and then share the password with them too?


I first came across this handy crowd-sourced map of airport WiFi locations and their passwords on thaitech and was impressed that in addition to the shared google map there was also a mobile app that works offline as well (the app is $1.99 and you can find out more about it here). Seeing as you likely know which airports you will be visiting when you travel, you can probably just take a screenshot of the info with your phone before you switch it into airplane mode and you should be all set.

There are currently 230 airports on the map with over 600 wireless networks and the list is kept up to date by groups of travelers as they travel around the world. If you have a password to contribute you can do so here by either dropping the map’s creator a line or leaving a comment with the relevant info.

Bonus: There is also a great step-by-step article about how to get around time restrictions on airport WiFi networks on his site as well.

Now that you are all set up with all the free airport WiFi you could ever want you can get back pretending your neighbor didn’t just put their elbow on your part of the armrest. That’s all for now and hopefully I’ve made your next trip just a little bit easier.

Hit me up with all your questions and comments!

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