How to Check Your Chase Credit Card Application Status

How To Check Your Chase Credit Card Application Status 

Chase Application Status
Chase Is Looking Forward To Serving Me…

If you’ve been playing the credit card game for any length of time being instantly approved for a new credit card application is likely just a distant memory. Instead, “application pending” messages and reconsideration calls are now par for the course.

So as part of my ongoing effort to make myself useful I will provide you with all the tools that you need to turn that “thank you for your application” into a “You’ve been approved!” with the least amount of crying and pulling your hair out.

Chase Application Status Checker
Chase Application Status Checker.

How To Check Your Application Status By Phone

Chase isn’t really into the whole “internet” thing when it comes to checking your application status and so it’s time to dust off that touch-tone phone and get Chase’s automated application status checker on the horn. You can dial 1-888-338-2586 and enter in your social security number to get an update on the status of your application.

How To Check Your Application Status Online

As I mentioned before, Chase doesn’t offer a straightforward way to check your application status online. If you are already a Chase customer there is a workaround of sorts. You can login to your account and if you’ve been approved you will see your new account waiting for you alongside your other Chase accounts.

When The Computer Says “No” (Calling The Chase Reconsideration Line)

Even though approving your application is clearly the smart move for Chase, sometimes their computers (or credit analysts) fail to recognize this. It’s times like these that knowing the credit reconsideration number really comes in handy. Call 1-888-270-2127 to give them a second chance to consider your application. They are there Monday to Friday from 7am-10pm, Saturday from 8am-10pm and Sunday from 9am-9pm Eastern Standard Time.

You can call the reconsideration line even if you haven’t received a decision on your application yet. If Chase is unwilling to extend you additional credit, your application may ultimately be approved through moving some of your existing credit lines around or closing one of your current accounts, but you will need to speak with a representative in order to do this.

Strictly Business

If you are denied for a Chase business card then you should call their business credit card reconsideration line.

1-800-453-9719 (Monday through Friday, 8am – 10pm Eastern Standard Time)

Chase Credit Card Approval
Persistence Pays Off!

Chase’s 5/24 Rule

If you have opened 5 or more new accounts within the last 24 months Chase will not approve new accounts for many of it’s credit cards . If your application is denied because of too many recent applications it can be nearly impossible to get a credit analyst to overturn that decision. For more on the 5/24 rule and what cards it applies to you can check out this great Doctor Of Credit post.

Good luck with your applications and happy hacking!

Hit me up with all your questions and comments!

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